Computer Science – CUNY Graduate Center

Enough about me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science, working in Andrew Rosenberg‘s Speech Lab. My research interests are in:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Databases, Social Networks

I also teach in Hunter College’s Computer Science department. Yes, I am the same David Guy Brizan on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and RateMyProfessors.



Denys Katerenchuk, David Guy Brizan and Andrew Rosenberg.  “Was that your mother on the phone?”: Classifying Interpersonal Relationships between Dialog Participants with Lexical and Acoustic Properties. Interspeech 2014, Singapore.

Abdul Serwadda, Zibo Wang, Patrick Koch, Sathya Govindarajan, Raviteja Pokala, Adam Goodkind, David-Guy Brizan, Andrew Rosenberg, Vir V. Phoha and Kiran S. Balagani. Scan-Based Evaluation of Continuous Keystroke Authentication Systems. IT Professional 15(4): 20-23 (2013).

Guozhen An, David Guy Brizan and Andrew Rosenberg. Detecting Laughter and Filled Pauses Using Syllable-based Features. Interspeech 2013, Lyon, France. [slides]

David Guy Brizan and Abdullah Uz Tansel. A survey of entity resolution and record linkage methodologies. Communications of the IIMA 2006 Vol. 6(3).

David Guy Brizan. Evaluation of Equivalence of French/English Idiomatic Pairs. Technical Report. San Francisco State University. 2006.

Also see dblp and Google Scholar.